Mariëtte van den Bergh

Welcome to my blog!  I am a passionate Chef very fond of food and its wonderful flavours…travelling and tasting food, writing about food and most importantly… savouring and enjoying food.
I spent a few years on a beautiful culinary journey, working with amazing people in incredible establishments – passion, service excellence, consistency, simplicity are only a few words that spring to mind when I think of my journey.  A journey to be remembered, packed with wholesome knowledge about the culinary world and wonderful memories.  Things that influence and inspire me and my recipes – my Grandmother, my roots, my travels, cultures and the seasons.

My blog, although new, has already become such an integral part of daily life – testing dishes / recipes, cooking, tasting and sharing.  It is a platform where I can be creative, where I can dream and where I can inspire.  I absolutely love cooking healthy, wholesome and nutritious meals and try to focus on traditional foods, customary to my heritage.  A culinary enthusiast at heart, cooking makes me happy, eating and enjoying food fills my heart and spending time in the kitchen feeds my soul.
We are never too old to learn and that is exactly what food is – an ever-changing culinary trend that is sometimes hard to keep up with.

I love travelling and discovering new places and food trends and writing about my experiences.  We live in a culinary paradise with an enormous and amazing variety of places to choose from.  It is almost a sin not to get out there to discover and experiment.  I believe good food should be talked about, written about and shared!

All posts, food recipes and prep as well as photography are done by myself,
Mariëtte van den Bergh, unless stated otherwise.
Should you wish to contact me:
atyourtablesa@gmail.com or atmytablefoodsa@gmail.com

From my kitchen to yours, with love,