Veggie night…

Whenever I visit the West Coast, I cook.  Or bake.  It is almost as though this beautiful coastal town inspires me to cook various dishes that I may not necessarily cook at home.  Or be more adventurous when it comes to cooking.
Mussels are easily available and crayfish are sold on the street.  However, I refrain from buying unless in season. But today is not the day for fish…
I have had a craving for a good, creamy, tasty curry for days now and since it is much cooler here than at home, I think tonight is the night.  It is a meat free evening for me so a vegetarian curry with some noodles will do!
I love cooking with aubergine.  Aubergines soak up all the beautiful juices of a dish – thus  perfect for curry.
Fresh ginger, lots of garlic, fresh chili, coconut cream and a deep rich yellow / red colour.  That’s my idea of the perfect curry.  Topped with fresh coriander, basil leaves and a swirl of double cream yogurt!!  YUM!!!

Be on the look out for tonight’s curry recipe, in the veggies tab!

From my kitchen to yours, with love x

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