Cheats’ fish braai…

The summer heat is so crazy in the kitchen that even I have almost zero desire to be there, cooking.  So last night’s dinner was a cheat meal…fish I bought from Woolworths and the Weber.  With blanched & sautéed asparagus and a garlic & parsley butter to finish it off.   It was very flavourful, flaky and just delicious.
Woolworths does not sell any red-listed fish species and have made it their goal that by 2020, all aquaculture species will be either WWF-SASSI Green-listed, ASC (or equivalent) certified, or from aquaculture operations.  Priced well at +/- R140.00 for roughly 800g and stuffed with either lemon & garlic or garlic & herb.

Every so often I am too lazy to drive to the fishmonger so I head to Woolworths and buy their whole stuffed trout, which takes only minutes on the Weber, saving loads of time and sparing me from standing behind a hot stove during the peak of summer! Last night was no different.  The trout was ready in 11 minutes and I served it with beautiful green asparagus that I blanched and then sautéed in a bit of butter and seasoning.   The garlic & parsley butter was the perfect accompaniment to my cheat’s dish.
Nothing like a great meal and not feeling like I over-indulged!!

You will find my asparagus & garlic butter recipes in the veggies tab.

From my kitchen to yours, with love x


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