Banana Bread

Banana bread is a big hit in my home as well as with my family.  I normally bake two or three at a time as one is simply not enough.  A great way of using bananas that are no longer appetising enough to eat.  And they make lovely muffins for early mornings on the run!  Simply reduce the baking time.
I have very fond memories of the lingering smell of banana bread in my grandmother’s farm house kitchen.  That and freshly brewed coffee.

A good banana bread is light and fluffy and deliciously moist and I think this recipe delivers just that.  I make two loaves from this recipe as I like the smaller slices for tea time breaks.  Should you wish, make one large loaf!  I tend to always use more walnuts than specified – life’s guilty little pleasures…

See my recipe, inspired by my gran, in the ‘Bakes’ tab!!

From my kitchen to yours, with love x



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