Culinary Mauritius…

Hello again!  So after a short break in beautiful, sunny & humid Mauritius;  and badly failing to post anything on my blog, I sat down to look at some of the amazing food shots and had to get writing!!  A memorable get-away packed with amazing culinary experiences and memories.
After all – “one cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.”

Mauritius most certainly have so much to offer besides sun bathing.  The main offering being – F O O D!!  This time I planned on eating something different every day…except for breakfast – boiled eggs, chicken sausage, cheese and fresh breakfast rolls – never fails to to please my morning appetite!!
Lunch and dinner, however, ranged from simple vegetarian dishes, Indian curries, Mauritian specialities, decadent pizza and salads. burgers and the most amazing fish dishes – simple, fresh, tasty and packed with local spices, cooked by local people, appreciated by culinary junkies, like myself.
I had a very simple tomato based tagliatelle with fresh grated parmesan, which was perfect on a hot summers’ day, accompanied by a green salad.  The home-made ice creams were next level and I ended up having this as dessert almost every day, without feeling guilty.  Crab dishes and a spicy crab soup – another local dish that was packed with so much flavour and taste!!  I did however miss the taste of meaty avocados and sweet, plump tomatoes!!

The local market in Port Louis was a culinary treat!  I left with a bag filled with all kinds of different, interesting spices – to be enjoyed at home.  The market boasts an array of different spices, weighed per order or pre-packaged and sold by quantity.  The colours, as with the fruit and vegetables are amazing and the different smells linger long after leaving.   
I was treated to a fresh, bright crimson pink dragon fruit that had an enticing and mild sweetness.  Actually not as pungent based on its very bright appearance.   My fingers were stained pink for the remainder of the day and I had this beautiful pink lip tone, all natural.  A color that some of the most expensive make-up brands simply cannot master.  Another tasty and quick treat was a flatbread farata (Indian inspired), which is similar to a roti.  Look out for the sign “roti chaud” and try these delectable “wraps” filled with creole sauce made with onions, tomatoes & herbs (Rougaille).  

Destinations such as Mauritius always remind me that cooking with good quality spices and keeping food simple, can lead to only one thing – very tasty, delectable, enjoyable dishes.  I am now even more inspired to come up with more of my own simple, tasty dishes, packed with flavour and color, so be on the look out for some Mauritian inspired dishes to follow…

…from my kitchen to yours, with love,


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